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Our Parish

In an effort to provide useful information and to encourage the active participation of our entire community in the life of our Church, we are pleased to provide our parishioners with a detailed “directory” of various St. George organizations, resources and activities, along with contact information. These activities range from language, religious and cultural education, philanthropic and community service activities, athletic programs, youth mentoring and fellowship initiatives—there is an activity for all ages and interests. Because events are constantly being added to the Church schedule, we ask that you check our website regularly, read the weekly Church bulletin that is distributed at our Sunday services, or call the Church Office for information about upcoming events.

Church Schedule

Church winter schedule began in September. Church hours from September through June are: § Orthros 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. § Divine Liturgy 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. The Divine Liturgy service on Sundays is followed by a Fellowship/Coffee Hour in the Agganis Auditorium; all parishioners and guests are welcome to attend.

Scheduling Events

To schedule events, Sacraments and other religious services, such as Baptisms, Weddings, Memorial Services, 40 Day Blessings and other religious services please visit or call the Church Office at (781) 593-6162 well in advance of the proposed date to make arrangements.

Please note: There are traditions in Orthodoxy that must be adhered to in Church and at home, particularly in preparation of a Holy Sacrament. Should you require specific information regarding how to properly prepare for an Orthodox Sacrament or ceremony, such as Baptism, Chrismation, Marriage, Holy Communion, Holy Unction, Confession, etc., please contact Father George or Father Nicholas for guidance. Upon scheduling a Sacrament, the parties directly involved, parents – sponsors, with regards to a Baptism, will receive written information and the necessary guidelines for the performance of the Sacrament. With regards to the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, the perspective bride and groom and best man/”Koumbaro and or Koumbara”, will also receive written information and the necessary guidelines for participation and involvement in the Sacrament of our Holy Orthodox Church.


The Church is our spiritual home, where the single most important and enduring relationship of our life occurs: our relationship with God. It is the home of our Holy Orthodox Faith and the core of our existence. Our Hellenic Culture and Heritage, as well as, our Hellenic-American family values, are of paramount importance and are held in the highest esteem and regard. For those who are not members of our Church, we encourage you to learn about what our Church has to offer—and contemplate what it has provided to you throughout your lives. We want you to be part of our family and to help us sustain our church for generations to come. The Church belongs to all of us, and our collective energy, involvement and talents are necessary for its continued growth and success. We invite you to become a Steward and be an active participant in the life of the church!

For information on becoming a new Steward of St. George, if your Stewardship has lapsed and you would like information on how to renew, or to share any thoughts or questions, please call the Church office (781)593-6162..