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Parish Council
“Let a man so consider us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.” – 1 Corinthians 4:1
The St. George Parish Council, together with the pastor of our Church, is responsible for the governance and operation of the Church on a day to day basis. The Parish Council is composed of 20 dedicated members of the community. From this group, 10 are elected to serve on the Parish Council for a two-year term. The Parish Council is a diverse group of individuals ranging in age, backgrounds and professional experiences. The Council meets monthly, typically on the third Tuesday of every month.

Every year, during the Fall General Assembly (generally held in October or November), the community nominates and elects interested members in good standing to run for Parish Council. Members in good standing of St. George that wish to be considered for a Parish Council nomination should contact the Church Office at (781) 593-6162 to be directed to the appropriate member(s) of the Nominating Committee. For questions or information regarding Parish Council activities, please contact Parish Council President Emanuel Argiros at the Church Office at 781-593-6162, or via email at


2012 Parish Council


    President   Emanuel Argiros
   Vice President   John Meklis
   Treasurer   Charles Lambesis
   Secretary   Peter Katsos

A. Argiros Pic
 Arthur M. Argeros
Born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts, he is the son of late Michael and Genevieve Argeros. Arthur has been a life time member of St. George, serving as an Altar Boy, and a member of Jr. and Sr. GOYA. Arthur resides in Lynnfield with his wife Sophia, and their son Alexander, age 8. Arthur is self-employed in the real estate/financial service business. He previously served as secretary of the parish council and is currently on the Stewardship Committee. Arthur graduated from Boston College with a degree in Accounting and has a MBA from Northeastern University. Arthur would like to continue working and contributing on the many important issues facing the St. George Community.
E. Argiros Pic
 Emanuel Argiros
Emanuel and his wife Ellen have been members of St. George for over 17 years. Married in 1985 by Father Demos, at the Cathedral in Boston, they have a son Christopher who is 17 years old.  Manny was born in Piraeus in 1954, immigrating with his family in 1960. Graduated from U.Mass Amherst in business he owned and operated Peppercorn Restaurant in Cambridge until 1991. His company, Peppercorn Food Service, located in Boston, manufactures frozen foods most popular of which is the TAVERNA SPINACH PIE (thus “Spinach Guy”).

George Bakos
George was born in Athol Massachusetts and was raised in Lynn by his parents George Sr. (Deceased) and his mother Aphrodite. He has been a part of the St. George community all of his life. He resides in East Boston and is married to Amanda; they have two children Georgiana and Zoe. He is employed by the City of Boston as a Security Systems specialist for Municipal Protective services.
B. booras Pic
 William P. Booras

Bill and his wife Jane were married at St. George in 1964 and are proud parents of three adult children and eight grandchildren.  Both have been generous supporters of our Church community.  Bill is synonymous with our annual Harry Agganis Basketball Tournament, being responsible for leading the “rebirth” to National Status during the 1980's.  During his tenure for several terms on the parish council he established the Youth Athletic Programs.  He served as chairman of many committees and functions.  Bill would like to continue to bring life-long Church, professional and business experiences and involvements to the current major Church Expansion Project.  He says “my eyes and ears are open to all ideas and suggestions from all parishioners of our beloved St. George community.”  “Matia Tesera” and Thank you!

T. Demakes Pic
Thomas L. Demakes
Tom was born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts.  He has been a member of St. George Church since his marriage in 1977.  He and his wife Marill have three sons, Elias, Timothy, and Andrew.  He is part of a family that owns and operates Old Neighborhood Foods.  Tom has been on the Parish Council for 18 years, and has served as President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer at various times.

Jason Demakis
Jason and his family have been members of St. George for many years. Jason, his wife Konnie and their two boys, Timothy, 5, and Nicholas, 4, have enjoyed participating in the many activities that St. George offers to a young family. Jason has been an accountant for the past twenty years at Demakis and Demakis CPA's located in downtown Lynn. They lived in Lynn for the last eleven years and have recently moved to Danvers.
g. Demitropoulos Pic
      George W.
George was born and raised in Lynn and is a Korean War Veteran, U.S.N.  He has Degree of Science in Business Administration, Career Management.  George worked for EGG a total of 36 years in the Electronic Division.  He has come out of retirement to work as a teacher’s aide in the Lynn Public School System for Hard to Handle children.  He is the brother of Elaine Demitropoulos-Moody, a member of the St. George Parish Council.  George is married to Anna Demitropoulos, boardmember of the Ladies Philoptochos Society.  George always involves himself behind the scenes at Church functions.  Helping out wherever he is needed.
J. Diantgikis Pic
   James Diantgikis
A Lynn resident who is married with two children and the proud papou of Arianna and John. Self-employed restauranteur (Jimmy's Famous Roast Beef and Seafood, Danvers). Jimmy's experience in the food industry is what has made our Grecian Festival so well known for the delicious and abundant food served each year. A long standing supporter of St. George. Hard working, always generous with his time and experience.
P. Katsos
       Peter Katsos
Peter has been a member since 1978.  Baptized and married at St. George.  He was elected to the Parish Council in 1996 and served as Secretary and Vice-President.  Peter’s grandfather, Nick Caneles was the psalter at St. George for over 50 years and served on the Parish Council as President.  His father John Katsos also served on the Parish Council.  Peter has been involved in many activities such as Festival, Budget and Finance Committee, Harry Agganis Tournament, Athletic Committee, Bingo, Church Committee, and Golf Tournament. He has also served as Council President.

   Christine Katsos
A lifelong resident of Lynn and has been married to Peter Katsos since 1994. I was raised Roman Catholic and converted to the Orthodox religion in 1998 and have become an active member of St. George. I have served on the Philoptochos Society board for the past ten years and am beginning my second term as Treasurer. I am currently employed by the Nahant Public Schools as Business/Finance Manager responsible for managing a yearly budget of approximately $3 million. I have been involved in many activities such as the annual Grecian Festival, Agganis Tournament, Caring & Sharing, Golf Tournament, Annual Auction, as well as many other fundraising events. I feel with my business background and involvement in the church, I would be an asset to the Parish Council. I will continue to dedicate my time & energy to St. George and will be visible within the Church.
P. Koutoulas
    Pasquale Koutoulas
Pasquale was born and raised in Lynn. As a child and teenager he attended Greek School and was an active member of the basketball program here at St. George. Pasquale and his brother James are successful owners of Adelphia Construction, a business they took over after their father's sudden passing when they were younger. They have grown the business over the years into a well known and respected interior and exterior carpentry and construction company. They have continued to work in and around the Lynn and Boston area on housing developments and commercial projects. Pasquale always has the time to help others and volunteers whenever he can. He sees St. George as a central part of his past and wants it to remain an important part of his family's future. Married to Debra Speridakos they have two young sons. He feels it is important for St. George to continue on this current path to rebuild for future generations of Greek-Americans.
C. Lambesis Pic
   Charles Lambesis
Charles (Dino) has been a member of the Parish Council for several years and has served as Treasurer for five years, as President for three years and currently holds the position of Treasurer.  Charles also served as chairman of the Caring and Sharing Committee, which distributes Thanksgiving Baskets to the homeless and elderly citizens of Lynn.  The committee also sponsors a Christmas Party for the children of the SPIN homeless shelter.  He always has new ideas for fundraising such as selling of Christmas Trees and now our Annual Live and Silent Auction.
J. Meklis
 John Meklis
John was born and raised in Lynn.  He is married and has two children.  John attended both Greek and Sunday School programs here at St. George.  He served as an altar boy.  He was an active member of the Church basketball program and continues to be a part of the Athletic Program as assistant director.  John brings a willingness to work hard and to bring new and youthful ideas to the Parish Council.  In the past, he has served as Treasurer and most recently as President of the Parish Council.
P. Mikedis
 Peter Mikedis
Peter and his wife Stella were both baptized married and had both their children, Christopher and Andrew baptized at St. George Church. Both Christopher and Andrew serve as altar boys and Stella serves on the board of the PTA. Peter has been volunteering at the church for over 25 years where ever needed. Peter owns his own company Sidekim Foods, located in Lynn, Ma providing Fresh, Wholesome and Nutritious Packaged Meals for Senior Nutrition, School Nutrition and Child Care Nutrition Programs. 
E. Moody
Elaine Demitropoulos-Moody
Elaine was first elected to the St. George Parish Council in 1997 when she also served as Treasurer.  She was one of six children born to William and Leona Demitropoulos.  Elaine has been married to David Charles Moody for forty years.  Although David is not Greek Orthodox he volunteers countless hours annually to Church sponsored events.   Elaine is a Yiayia of six.   She has been employed by the same employer for over thirty eight years, always involved in the day to day financial operations, first in the construction industry and now in real estate development.  For fifteen years Elaine sang with the St. George Choir under the direction of Mr. Lampes, Mr. Nichis and Mr. Arambages.  It has been a pleasure for her to serve as Treasurer and assistant Treasurer, and is especially grateful for having the opportunity to meet and work with such dedicated parishioners of St. George Church.
M. Mosho Pic
   Michael W. Mosho
Michael is a Boxford resident who is married to Tina and has three children, Michael, Tiffany and John.  He is the administrator of a retirement home in Lynn.  He is a lifelong member of St. George.  He attends Church regularly with his family.  His children attend Sunday School.  Michael has volunteered faithfully for many years with Church functions including running the Greek Imports table at the Festival for the past four years, and as a past member of the Parish Council.  Commitment to God, Church and family are the three most important aspects of his life and by serving on the Parish Council he will be able to further his commitment.
T. Paragios
   Theodore Paragios
Theodore a Lynn resident married with 4 children and two grandchildren. Retired business man (Brother's Auto Repair 32 years). An active member of St. George for over 40 years he has served on the Parish Council for 10 years. Teddy has served on the Church and Maintenance committees and is responsible for our very successful "Taverna"/Bar at our annual Grecian Festival. Very involved in every aspect of the Church. Always volunteering his time to help wherever needed.

   George P. Pyliotis
George was born in Lynn, MA and baptized at St. George. He is the son of Peter and Mary Pyliotis and the brother to Mariam Pyliotis whom are members in good standing at St. George. He also served as an altar boy to Fr. George some years ago. George graduated from Suffolk University with a degree in Finance and he also has an Accounting degree from McIntosh College. He hopes to bring his youth, energy and willingness to actively help out wherever needed to assist in making St. George a thriving community for younger generations to come.

   Demetrios Skalkos
A Lynn resident for 40 years. He is married to Joan and has twin sons. He is self-employed, working in carpentry and painting. An active member of St. George's parish for over 35 years, volunteering for all Church activities. A member of the Pan-Laconian Society of Boston and of the Goldfish Pond Association. "I believe that I would contribute to the community as a parish council member. I care deeply for the Hellenic culture, language, history and people. In my support of the Church, I can keep this spirit alive."
C. Speliakos
Constantine Speliakos
Constantine (Costas) has been an active member of St. George since 1973.  He served as an altar boy and participated/played in the GOYA basketball program and on the Harry Agganis Team for St. George for a number of years.  He was a member of the Sons of Pericles and AHEPA.  Fluent in Greek, he is a graduate of Northeastern University with a BS in Electrical Engineering.  He is President/CEO of Eos Systems in Needham, MA, a Technology Services Company with clients throughout New England and other regions of the country.  Costa is married to wife Yula and has three children, Sophia, Paul and Christina.  Costa is Chairman of the School Committee, member of the Building Fund Committee, and is active in a number of fund raising events held by the Church.