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History of Our Parish

The Greek Orthodox Community in Lynn, Massachusetts was incorporated on April 5, 1905. Over one-hundred years ago,in the City of Lynn, a pioneer group of Greek people established this Church for the purpose of perpetuating their religious and cultural heritage. Since then, the St. George Community has grown into one of the largest religious congregations, not only in the city of Lynn, but also in the Greek Archdiocese of America. As a group, the Greek people of Lynn have contributed immensely in all aspects, to the general growth and development of the city. At the end of the last century, one-tenth of the city"s population was of Greek extraction.

  On April 2, 1905, the Constitution of the organization was ratified and incorporation by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts took place under the name "Hellenic Association of St. George of Lynn." During the same year on December 26, 1905, the membership decided to purchase a Swedish Evangelical Church building on Pleasant Street.  

The largest wave of emigration from Greece to America took place in the period of 1909 to 1912. Due to the influx of Greeks into the city, the members felt the need for a larger house of worship with facilities to teach the Orthodox Faith and the Greek language to their children. For this purpose, the membership purchased the property of the Unitarian Church on South Common Street for the sum of $17,000. This property was situated on the same site where our present edifice stands.

  On May 10, 1952, ground was broken for the Community Center. This was built first, and provided a temporary space to conduct Church services while the Church itself was being built. The Community celebrated the dedication of our Center on Sunday, February 21, 1954. In the morning, the former Bishop of Boston, His Grace Ezekiel of Nanzianzou presided at the Divine Liturgy and in the evening, a dinner was held which was attended by all the parishioners.  

Directly after the dedication of our Community Center, the gymnasium of the new building became our temporary house of worship and the erection of the Church was begun. The cornerstone of the Church was laid on May 3, 1954. During this building period, many of our faithful parishioners continued to contribute generously to the Building Fund. The Church was complete by the end of 1954 and the service of Theranixia (opening of the doors) took place on Sunday, January 30, 1955.

  St. George is now a consecrated Church to the glory of God and to the perpetuation of our Orthodox ideals and principles. The consecrated altar is the very throne of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It serves as the hallowed ground of our Orthodox Christian faith. May our Lord allow the light of His countenance to shine upon us, all the days of our life, and may we be ever conscious of our duty to our Church!